The Brooklyn Fashion Incubator (BFI) at Berkeley allows aspiring designers to gain the experience and tools to establish their dream fashion collection. From knits to nail polish, BFI has supported a diverse range of designers. 


Blooming Diva

2018 Participant

Jewels Von J - Paraban and Cruelty free lipsticks and blushes

Janine Hausif

2018 Participant

BASYL - Turbans and headbands sustainably produced in fun prints and solids

Leidy Herrera

2017 Participant

Leidy Herrera Collection - Urban wear for the young professional that enhances your curves

Norine Medas

2016-2017 Participant

Mon Petit Coeur - Hand crocheted baby wear in 100% cotton

Phumie Kunene

2016 Participant

Ebaata Skincare

Alicia Appleton

2016 Participant

Amber Poitier INC - Laser cut leather accessories

Milagros Batista

2017 Participant

Bastista Collections - Hand knit and hand crocheted apparel and accessories in luxury yarns

Jewels Von J

2018 Participant

Blooming Diva - Paraben & Cruelty free lipsticks and blushes in today’s colors

Wen Didier Pessinaba

2018 Participant

AfriKaccents - Sustainable Hand woven fabrics and luxury bags from Berkino Faso produced by village women cooperatives.

Angelique Terrelonge

2017 Participant

South Beach Furs - Not fur at all! Rather beautiful sustainably obtained turkey feathers transformed into chic accessories and apparel

Eleonora Ferragatta

Remote Participant

Eleonora Ferragatta Collections - "from Canvas to Collection"

Vicki Sylvain

2016 Participant

The Shoe B - Clutch which transforms into a carry bag to transport your shoes

Adrienne Blanks

2017 Participant

D.I.D. Nail Paint - Safe, sustainable and fashionable

Nic Hyl

2018 Participant

Nagerbynichyl - Quality swimwear in sophisticated prints and solids



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