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The BROOKLYN Fashion Incubator, Inc.

Fashion Business in-Residence / Remote Application

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The Program:

Throughout the course of one year, the Fashion Business-in-Residence (FBIR) will be required to attend and complete a core series of workshops and seminars focused on fashion business planning development, production, prioritizing and planning, managing finances, growth projection, social media/tech and online presence. Conducted at both BFI as well as at off-site locations, these workshops, seminars and panel discussions are essential to the BFI program and attendance is mandatory. The FBIR’s will be provided with office/work space, including basic office equipment, Wi-Fi and a workshop area.

Is your business a woman-owned or minority-owned business? (Solely for informational purposes, does not affect eligibility):*
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Thank you for applying for the 2018 Residency at the Brooklyn Fashion Incubator

at Berkeley College, we wish you the best of luck. We will send confirmation e-mail of receiving your application.

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