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Fashion Business in-Residence / Remote Application

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The Program:

Throughout the course of one year, the Fashion Business-in-Residence (FBIR) will be required to attend and complete a core series of workshops and seminars focused on fashion business planning development, production, prioritizing and planning, managing finances, growth projection, social media/tech and online presence. Conducted at both BFI as well as at off-site locations, these workshops, seminars and panel discussions are essential to the BFI program and attendance is mandatory. The FBIR’s will be provided with office/work space, including basic office equipment, Wi-Fi and a workshop area.


Benefits & Responsibility

FBIR’s will receive mentoring from successful fashion focused businesses and executives, as well as feedback from other industry experts, along with press and promotional event opportunities designed to deliver attention to their young businesses.
The BROOKLYN Fashion Incubator will support talent that understands the program is a business proposition, not merely a creative opportunity. The FBIR’s are expected to complete the full year and are limited to their one-year term in residence. The Incubator program will begin February 1 st. After the year, alumnae are encouraged to stay connected through various programs and events.

  • individual area and work space
  • cutting table
  • conference room available for meetings
  • one on one mentoring meetings for the specific needs of the business
  • business, marketing, and financial plan development
  • presentation and branding for ultimate results
  • intimate workshops on topics crucial to a fashion businesses’s success
  • panel discussions on relevant topics
  • comprehensive field trips
  • sales and marketing associate who sets up specific appointments and meetings with retail buyers
  • fashion shows and pop ups to expand brand exposure from 0 to very nominal expense
  • PR opportunities
  • vetted references to suppliers, production companies, legal and accounting assistance necessary to expand
  • Participants receive special pricing from our partners and suppliers for services and supplies for their businesses


  1. Reside in the New York Metro Region
  2. Be 21 years of age or older.
  3. Provide a minimum of three (3) images of your business, the work that best reflects your vision for your brand.
  4. Have already started (1-2 years), a fashion-related business in the New York metro area and are incorporated.
  5. Submit a non-refundable application fee of $75.00.
  6. Be able to commit to BFI PROGRAM, utilizing all available resources.

Submission, Timeline and Fees

The Application MUST be submitted to the BFI review panel in BOTH PRINTED AND
Mail To:
The BROOKLYN Fashion Incubator
Maria Barraza
Executive Director
240 Kent Avenue K2/B26 Brooklyn NY 11249
The application along with a non-refundable application fee of $75 must be received no later
than 10 days after your receipt of the application. Payment can be received via check along with the printed application. Please make your check payable to The Brooklyn Fashion Incubator, Inc.
--If accepted to participate in the Incubator program there will be a nominal $275 per month fee, per accepted participant payable to the Incubator by the 15th of each month.

Participant Checklist

Please be sure you have sent the following:

  1. Application both Printed and Electronic.
  2. $75 non-refundable Application Fee via mail.
  3. Resume both Printed and Electronic.
  4. Images of your product(s) – or service description - in a press kit, look book, line sheet or similar format. Both Printed and Electronic.
  5. Two Letters of Reference both Printed and Electronic.

Judging Criteria

The BFI Board will judge BFI applicants based on the below criteria. Designers-in-Residence (DIR) should:

  1. The BFI Board will judge BFI applicants based on the below criteria. Designers-in-Residence (DIR) should:
  2. Have the ability to commit to BFI completely, utilizing all available resources, with the intent to launch their businesses as a full-time career.
  3. Have a strong vision for their business and business plan.
  4. Demonstrate the highest level of responsibility and dedication to both the program and their business.
  5. Demonstrate a manageable level of financial ability to fund their new businesses (APPROXIMATELY $15,000+).
  6. Have the ability to work well with others with the desire and flexibility to engage in and be respectful of the program’s many collaborations.
  7. Understand that while we are here to provide resources AND IMPART KNOWLEDGE TO help FBIR’s establish their businesses, ultimately, FBIR’s are responsible for each and every aspect of STRATEGIC PLANNING, operating, and growing their individual companies.
- The four (4) chosen FBIR’s will be notified by two weeks after receiving the completed
application, before end of EACH year.

Is your business a woman-owned or minority-owned business? (Solely for informational purposes, does not affect eligibility):*
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Letter of Reference 1
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Thank you for applying for the 2018 Residency at the Brooklyn Fashion Incubator

at Berkeley College, we wish you the best of luck. We will send confirmation e-mail of receiving your application.